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UCapital is a fully integrated digital compliance platform. Project owners can utilize our services for structuring, due diligence and to access funding opportunities through UTokenize. Our experts vet every opportunity to ensure only the highest standards of compliant investments are offered across our wider platforms.

UCapital Services
UCapital Features
Funding Individually tailored funding solutions specifically designed for each client.
Growth Access to investors through showcasing your project on our ecosystem.
Success Funding solutions from a wider audience through institutional and private capital raises.
Our Funding Process
UCapital Frequently Asked Questions

A: A fully integrated digital due diligence platform. We encourage project owners to utilise our service for access to project funding and the tokenization of project assets.

A: Our platform is open to public and private companies on a project by project basis.

A: At present, our minimum raise for each project starts at $5 million dollars.

A: All projects can apply through our site using the apply now button.

A: All projects are dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Our team of experts will endeavour to expedite all applications in a timely manner.

A: There is no cost for initial applications, although there will be a future cost if your application is successful and you wish to move forward.

A: We accept applications from start-ups and existing businesses.

A: All our project owners are covered by an NCNDA and rest assured that all information is securely managed.

A: All projects that are accepted will have a login to their own dashboard for transparency and security within the UCapital database.

A: UCapital creates the documentation to allow project owners access to the UTokenize marketplace for funding.
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